At one time, removing wallpaper involved a lot of chemical removal agents that were not only harmful to your home, they were harmful to your lungs. Nowadays, wallpaper removal can be a safe and eco-friendly task. There are plenty of methods which use of water or steam, in which the steamer is used to soak the wallpaper, which effectively dissolves the glue that held the paper in place. You can also use a hand scraper, which may seem like a lot of extra work, but it’s worth it when you consider the health benefits of not using a chemical remover.

An easy, DIY recipe for homemade wallpaper remover is mixing equal parts of white vinegar and hot water, which you then apply with sponge over the old wallpaper to soften the glue.

More recently even, there have been major improvements made with the development of non-toxic, wall paper removers. Senpro makes a biodegradable wall paper remover called EZ Peel that softens the wallpaper glue rather than dissolving it, allowing easy removal of the paper.