Winter House

It’s cold out there, and it’s expensive to keep the house heat on full blast all winter. Here are some tips to help you stay warm in your home during the winter months, and during winter storms. You can even use these ideas to keep warm when the power goes out.

Make sure to close all of your windows properly. This includes making sure storm windows are installed and closed in place if you have them. Windows should be securely latched. You may want to purchase removable window-caulk or plastic to better seal them. At the very least, stuff a rolled up towel in front of any cold air leaks. Use plastic clear shower curtains over the windows that receive sun light. This will keep the cold air out, and the warmth from the sun will heat your house without that cold winter air coming in.

Check around the door frame and also under the door for cold air drafts. You may want to pick up some inexpensive weather stripping or a door sweep. At the very least, stuff a rolled up towel at the bottom of the door.

Primarily use and stay in the smaller rooms in your home. Close off any un-used rooms. The closed door makes that room another barrier between you and winter outside. It also stops air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss. Check that all heat registers are adjusted open, especially where plumbing pipes might freeze. Unblock cold air returns in heated rooms so heat can circulate efficiently.

Wear a warm winter hat in the home. A large percentage of body heat loss occurs in your head, so make sure to keep your head covered. A big comfy sweater can also keep you warm. Dress in layers, especially with wool or cotton clothing.

Candles can produce a lot of heat, just be extremely careful of where you put them and NEVER leave them unattended.