7 Steps For Moving Into A New Home


If you’ve managed to get onto the property ladder and buy your first house, first of all, well done! Secondly, to alleviate as much stress as possible, it is best to sort out as much as possible prior to moving. Here is a checklist of the obvious, and not so obvious to ensure that moving day is as stress free as possible.

Hiring a Moving Van

If you’re moving further than to the house next door, you’ve probably opted for a moving van. To avoid higher fees or traffic, try and book a day in the middle of the week to move.

Changing Address and Subscription Details

What could be better than the familiar sound of your favorite newspaper dropping through the door on the first Sunday morning in your new house? And of course, you may want your bills to be delivered to the right address, too. There are several online services that can organize changes of address.

Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Care Professionals

As well as registering with the nearest doctors and dentist, ensure you keep the blood donation and organ donation information up to date, and your opticians, if you have contact lenses delivered to your house.

Home Insurance

It is important to sort out home insurance as soon as possible, to cover your house from flood damage, burglary and a number of other circumstances that could lead to expensive damage being done. You can also opt to pay a voluntary excess, an affordable sum of money towards any future claims, which will lower your overall rate.

Cable, Phone and Internet

Let your cable tv company, the phone company (if you still have a landline) and the internet provide have several weeks of notice that you are changing addresses. Nothing is worse than moving into a new place and not having your tv or internet hooked up for days because you are waiting for an available service time.

Meet the Neighbors

Be pro-active and introduce yourself to your neighbors, or if you’re moving to a little town where everyone knows everyone, why not say ‘hi’ to the whole street? Be kind to those on your way up, because you may need to borrow a cup of sugar on your way down.

Familiarize Yourself with the Area

To avoid needing a a carton of eggs and having no idea where to go, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local amenities before your move. Thanks to living in the 21st century, this is all possible through the invention of Google Street View. Have a virtual wander around your area!