baking soda

For years, home cooks have been utilizing baking soda in their kitchens as a leavening agent. From baked breads to battered foods, baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) has a wide range of different culinary applications. While this ingredient’s use in food preparation is widely celebrated across the board, many are surprised to discover just how powerful baking soda can be in other household applications. From cleaning the home to keeping the human body functioning effectively, it can be utilized to perform an assortment of different tasks. The following 5 uses will have you thinking about that standard ingredient in your cupboard in a whole new way.

1. Treating Fungal Infections
Baking soda can be used an an effective fungicide, keeping pesky fungi at bay without employing harsh chemicals. Many gardeners employ the use of baking soda in their plots, treating fungal infections on their plants with the product. Baking soda can also be used to treat fungal infections in humans. Nails are skin are particularly prone to issues with fungi. Soaking the infected area in a baking soda and water solution can help eradicate the issue.

2. Flame Extinguisher
Small kitchen fires can easily be extinguished with baking soda. It is commonly used in grease and electrical fires, when water presents a unique danger. When used in this capacity, it is essential to utilize extreme caution.

3. Splinter Removal
A pesky splinter can be incredibly difficult to remove from the skin. Baking soda can be used as the base in a paste to soften the skin and simplify the splinter’s removal. Once the paste has been applied, the skin should become more supple, allowing the splinter to be worked out.

4. Clothing Softener
Instead of relying on a chemical-heavy fabric softener, baking soda can be added to washes to soften clothing. It also has additional uses that can further benefit textiles, including odor and stain removal. Baking soda is much less harsh than traditional bleach, but will nevertheless whiten fabrics that may have become dull with age.

5. Insect Repellent
Keeping pests from entering the home can be a major hassle. Instead of using a commercial bug repellent, baking soda can instead be used to create a non=toxic barrier to insects. The product should be sprinkled around the window and door seals that typically allow insects to enter the home.

Baking soda is arguably one of the most powerful tools in a home’s arsenal. As it is non-toxic, it is ideal in homes that have small children. Baking soda is also an incredibly environmentally-friendly way to maintain the home.