How To Care For and Clean Fabric Headboards

fabric headboards

Fabric headboards can be a beautiful addition to your home décor, as they add an elegant touch to any bedroom. The problem is that although upholstered headboards look modern and sleek in any bedroom, they can be tricky when it comes to cleaning. There are several things you can do to keep them clean and free from bacteria , dust, and mites. Here are some expert recommendations for you

Fabric headboards can be a trap for dust particles and allergens. Wiping them down will not get rid of these pesky particles that can aggravate allergies. The best way to get rid of these particles is by vacuuming your headboard regularly. You can do this using the attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can also purchase a handheld vacuum to make this job easier. To prevent dust from accumulating and reduce allergies, vacuum it at least once a week.

You want to keep your fabric headboard clean and in pristine condition all the time. The problem is that many times they will become stained with makeup, dirt, and grime. A good way to prevent stains from becoming permanent is to spray it with a fabric protector spray, such as ScotchGard, to make these stains easy to wipe off.

Removing Stains
No matter how careful you are, your upholstered headboard is bound to be stained at some point. Removing a stain from it can seem like an impossible task, but, it can be done with patience and the right products. Use a clean towel and oxygen cleaner or stain remover to gently remove the stain. It might require several attempts before it is fully removed. If you have a steam cleaner in your house it can be idea for removing the stain.

Regular Cleaning
To maintain them in good condition, you want to do a daily wipe down and cleaning. You can do this by purchasing some fabric wipes or using a clean towel and just gently wiping down the headboard. This will prevent dust accumulation and make it easier for you when you do deep clean. You can also purchase a small broom or brush to brush off dirt.