The Best Way to Clean Stone Tiles


When I installed the stone tiles in my home, I asked the plumber who did the installation about tips on the best way to clean the stone tiles. As a result, he sent me a guide book which had the following important tips.

One of those amazing tips is that it is important to clean any spillage on the floor, and most importantly, clean it as soon as possible! This is a very crucial part of maintaining your expensive new floor.

The choice of a detergent for stone tiles is also very important. Because of the corrosive nature of some detergents once they come in contact with stone tiles, it is a must to never use acidic detergents like vinegar to clean the stone tiles.

To avert corrosion, the best (and most eco-friendly!) thing to do is to use a homemade detergent of soap and water. This is equally efficient when cleaning stone tiles.

The material needed for this work is a soft mop and a bucket. Once you fill water in the bucket, dip the mop inside and wring it. Wring it twice if you are using vinyl. Thereafter, start mopping the floor. After several rounds of mopping, dispose of the dirty water and refill the bucket. Ensure that all the stains have been scrubbed off the floor.

After that, let the floor dry without interruption that may cause foot marks on the floor.

These steps look simple. However, the problem arises when using detergents as most people use those ones that corrode the stone tiles making the floor rough within a short period of installation. I recommend using these professionally acquired tips to have the best results.