Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

The main benefit of bamboo floors when compared to hardwood is price, both in material and labor. Hardwood is installed with nails to the sub-floor and then must be sanded and stained to finish. Bamboo has a much easier installation, with minimum hand tools. The bamboo flooring is pre-finished so there is no sanding or staining required. Another huge pro is environmental – bamboo flooring is derived from fully sustainable forests, it is an environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource.

That said, bamboo floors are not as hard and sturdy as hardwood floors, because of the natural elements of bamboo. The shades of bamboo range from light to dark, with the lighter shades being more durable. There are different qualities of bamboo ranging from $1.65 per foot up to $4.95 per foot. This is a savings of up to 50% over traditional hardwood floors. Most bamboo used for flooring is produced in China and other countries where labor practices are questionable, so that is another possible con to choosing bamboo flooring.