Ideas for Sustainable Flooring in the Home

sustainable concrete flooring

When it comes to decorating your home and finding a sustainable floor accent, you have to keep in mind that texture is one of the most important aspects. Finding a floor accent that can handle a lot of wear and heavy traffic can be simple if you look in the right places.

handmade wool rug

Bamboo floor accents are a great way to accent your living area with a stylish twist while still protecting your flooring. Bamboo is extremely durable and is made for extensive use. Not only is it extremely durable but it is also Eco-friendly and very trendy.

bamboo flooring bamboo flooring kitchen bamboo flooring nursery bamboo flooring office Outdoor bamboo flooring wool rug on wood flooring wood floor accent

Wool floor accents are also very sustainable. These rugs are made of a very high quality fiber and they are very long lasting and made for high traffic areas. Because these rugs are made for hard conditions, they are the perfect floor accent for children and pets. Polyester floor accents are becoming one of the most popular materials for floor accents. These rugs are very durable and made for heavy traffic, and they are also extremely easy to maintain.

wool rug on wood flooring wool rug with flowers wool rug dining room accent wool rug in nursery polyester floor accent simple rug accent

Protecting your flooring from damage and wear can be a very simple process. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new flooring for your home, apartment or loft with concrete flooring; first consider getting a durable floor accent that is both trendy and sustainable.

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