wood vs laminate flooring

The look of wood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. When choosing flooring, the consumer may feel overwhelmed at the options available. With some planning and forethought, it will be easy to choose the best flooring for installation. Here are some points to consider when making a flooring purchase. Determine the needed durability, investment budget, and time needed for routine maintenance.

Hardwood flooring was installed with the intentions of lasting a lifetime. Hardwood flooring is made of hardwood trees. An eco-friendly alternative would be bamboo flooring. Bamboo is natural flooring and replenishes itself quickly. A positive aspect of wood flooring is that it is long lasting. A con to using wood flooring is that it can be easily dented and the finish can be scratched. A pro to wood flooring is that it can be repaired or refinished if damaged. Laminated flooring is more durable to wear and tear. Laminate does not dent as easily as wood flooring. Laminate can be damaged though. Once laminate is damaged, the laminate boards will need to be replaced. A positive aspect to using laminate flooring is that the flooring gives the illusion of wood flooring and does not require the number of trees that the manufacturing of wood flooring does. The laminate flooring can withstand average wear and tear, but can be unforgiving to exposure of water.

Wood flooring has a higher installation cost than laminate flooring. This is especially true if professional installation is used. Even when homeowners install the flooring themselves, homeowners will have the added cost of renting or purchasing saws and nail guns to install the flooring. Laminated can be cut with a circular saw and installs quickly with a mallet and tapping block. The cost of laminate flooring varies depending on the quality of the flooring. The cost of laminate flooring is generally lower than that of wood flooring. Wood flooring may be a better investment for the home. Wood flooring will add to the resale value of the home more than laminate flooring.

Both flooring options can easily be swept daily with a dust mop. Floor cleaners for the weekly cleaning of either floor type can easily be purchased at a local retail store. The major difference in the maintenance of the flooring is that a daily and weekly cleaning of the laminate flooring will be the only upkeep needed. Wood flooring may require a periodic waxing or reapplication of the polyurethane applied to the finish. Depending on the wear to the flooring, wood flooring may even require the finish to be stripped, the floor sanded, and another finish to be applied.

Both flooring options have pros and cons, but either flooring is sure to give a homeowner a beautiful floor for years to come.