Care and Cleaning of Your Cork Flooring

cork flooring

Cork flooring throughout your home is a great option when you want a unique, durable and eye catching type of floor that has a distinctly different look and feel when compared to other types of flooring material. The proper and routine care of your cork flooring will help it look good at all times and last a long time.

The best way to help prevent a buildup of dirt and debris on the cork flooring is to routinely run a vacuum cleaner over the cork flooring. This removes all dust and dirt from the floor and is helpful in maintaining the integrity of the floor. You can then clean the floor, for a deeper cleaning, with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. The soapy mixture can be applied using a cloth or sponge mop to the entire cork flooring to restore the luster of the floor and remove deeper set dirt.

You need to make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or steam cleaning of cork flooring, as both can damage the floor and high heat steam can even lead to fiber shrinking which could cause the floor to buckle and separate in areas.

The simplest way to care and clean cork flooring is through vacuuming and mild detergent hand cleaning to help make your floor look clean and thus help to ensure your flooring lasts a long time in your home as routine maintenance is essential in protecting your flooring investment and cork flooring does require a special touch as the natural materials need to be cared for properly.