flatscreen tv wall mounts

You just bought a flat screen TV and now you are deciding if you are going to use the stand it came with or if you are going to go with the ultimate space saver, a wall mount. If you are going to go with a wall mount there are a few options that you will have.

Going with a trusted brand is a must when looking for the right wall mount. You want to protect you investment, and yes when a flat screen TV costs as much as they do they are investments. You may also want the wall mount to have functionality. Wall mounts can move in many directions. They can swivel, tilt or they could not move at all. If you are looking to have multiple viewing angles than it is wise to go with a swivel. They come with a higher price tag, but the convenience is worth it.

Cheetah wall mounts are widely regarded as the leader in secure wall mounts. They offer a variety of styles and are very affordable. And because they are made up of very few moving parts, the wall mounts are a cinch to put together right out of the box.

Another leader in flat screen TV wall mounts is VideoSecu. They offer the same amount of options as Cheetah does and their prices are almost the same. A third and well made brand of TV wall mounts is MountIt! They offer almost double the amount of choices as the other two brands, however they come with a higher price tag.

When looking for a wall mount be sure to go with one that is going to last and fit your needs. Protect your investment and enjoy your flat screen television.