The 5 Best Low Flow Showerheads


Save money and help the environment with water saving showerheads – which are the perfect bathroom fixtures for water efficiency. A new water saving showerhead will save money on your gas and water bill. The best benefit is you will be saving water, a precious resource.

• Alsons Fluidics Water Shaving Showerhead – This chrome shower head gives a full body spray, but uses less water. The thermal technology keeps water warm longer. Their patented spray gives you the feel of a full, luxurious shower.

• American Standard Flowise 3-Spray Water-Saving Showerhead – This low flow head features three settings. It also has an automatic setting that will return the flow rate back to 1.5 GPM’s to conserve water. The adjustable arm is convenient for family members of all sizes.

• Delta 3-Spray Water-Efficient Showerhead – This water sense certified fixture is water sense certified. It comes with three different settings to pick the type of spray you want. Extremely well priced, you will love the generous spray. It easily rinses shampoo out of thick hair without wasting water.

• Ultra Oxygenics Lo-Flow Showerhead – If you have a problem with low water pressure choose this bathroom fixture. It is self-pressurizing, no mater if you water flow fluctuates it gives you a steady stream of water. It is silver, makes a cool sound and looks futuristic. Save water in style.

• Niagra Earth Massage Low-Flow Showerhead – Last on the list of the 5 best low flow showerheads is one of the most well-known. Rated #1 by leading conservation groups, this head can save up to 40% more water than a standard one. The nine jet turbo massage is heavenly. Have a relaxing spray, or invigorating shower from just one water saving nozzle.