efficient thermostat settings

With the current increase in energy costs, I have made sure that I conserve as much energy as possible, and one of the easiest ways to do this it to manage your home heating properly. This is a step that I took a few years ago and I am now experiencing the benefits. This was after a lot of research and even a few consultations from the energy conservation experts. Here are a few of the best tips I learned and applied to the use of my thermostat – little changes that have been quite effective in terms of energy saving.

First, I have made sure that my thermostat is used in the right manner at the right time. That ensures that not too much electricity is consumed. For instance, I do turn down the thermostat by ten degrees when I leave the house and also when I go to bed. In total, my thermostat is normally turned down for a period of 16 hours per day. This has enabled me save 15% of my daily heating bill – that translates into hundreds of dollars a year.

Secondly, I use my fans wisely. It is true that a normal fan is able to dispel all the warm air in a living room within an hour. Basing on this, I have always ensured that my fan does not run for more than one and a half hours.

Finally, I make use of nature’s heater! I have always put the curtains in my home to their maximum use. I make sure that all curtains facing the sun are wide open to allow the sun’s rays in the living room. This helps heat up the home. In the evening, I ensure that curtains are fully closed to trap any warmth from escaping out of the room. It’s a simple step, but you would be amazed at the effectiveness.

A lot of this is about changing habits and developing news ones, but strict application of the above tips can prove quite instrumental in energy saving.