cooling your home

Don’t have air conditioning? Sticking your head in the freezer to try and cool down over the hot summer months? Don’t worry – there are some ways you can cool down your hot house without buying a pricey and eco-unfriendly air conditioner. Here’s a few great ideas on how to keep your house cool when you don’t have A/C!

If your attic isn’t already insulated or is underinsulated, insulate it. This will give you the most change in comfort for the least amount of money.

Place some heat-reflecting film on windows that face the sun. This will keep your house cooler and reduce glare and ultraviolet rays that could potentially wreck your furniture and floors.

Trees, bushes and vines can give you all natural shade and cooling. Pick deciduous varieties if you want to allow the sunlight to warm the house during winter.

Use portable fans or ceiling fans to keep the air moving. By using fans, you will make a room that is 2 or 3 degrees warmer than a still room.