Junk mail is one of the worst things for the environment that you probably never considered as an environmental factor before. Just think about how much junk mail you get then immediately toss in the trash, just because you can’t be bothered to recycle it, or just don’t think about it at the time. Don’t worry though, you aren’t the only one who does this. The Center for a New American Dream says that forty-four percent of junk mail is thrown away without being opened, and only twenty-two percent is recycled.

The first thing you can do to stop getting Junk Mail is to register with the Direct Marketing Association. The DMA has a “Do Not Mail” list that their members use. Direct Marketers are not required my law to check the list like telemarketers are required to check the Do Not Call list, but most corporations that send out mass mailings use the service, as they realize there is little to no profit it sending their mail to people that don’t want it, and in particular have taken the extra step of trying to make sure they do not get it at all.

A really cool trick to handle your junk mail better is to use slightly different names depending on where you are putting your name. This way you can figure out who’s giving your name to whom. Let’s say for example that your name is Stephen Smith. When you get a subscription to Car and Driver, put your name down as Stephen P.F. Smith, but for your Road & Track magazine subscription put your name down as Stephen V.F. Smith.

There are many other ways to stop getting junk mails, but the methods I’ve listed are fantastic ways to start and get going on the right track.