Happy Earth Day!

earth day

It is estimated that one billion people will be celebrating Earth Day today.

The current and increasing number of debates on climate change have played a large role in increasing awareness of the environment, and subsequently, Earth Day.

Since its creation in 1970 by US senator Gaylord Nelson , Earth Day’s reach has spread around the world and is now marked in about 175 countries.

Earth Day Network, the organizers of Earth Day, are launching the “Green Generation” campaign. The campaign will last two years and Earth Day’s organizers hope it will raise awareness on how to reverse the planet’s dangerously bad habits and abuses.

How can you make some helpful adjustments? Try using more bamboo products, or get yourself some more water efficient faucets…baby steps, but important steps nonetheless.

Don’t forget there’s that cute new Disney movie Earth about a polar bear family, a whale family, and a baby bird jumping out of a tree in slo-mo! And Disney will plant a tree just for you if you buy a ticket!