DIY Eco-Friendly Bug Spray

bug spray eco

Here are a few recipes for homemade, organic pest control sprays! Let us know if you try them and they work!

Chili Bug Spray – Blend 40 fresh chilli peppers in 1 liter of water. Add 5 grams of pure soap flakes to the blended chilli mixture. Apply as required undiluted.

Elder Flower Bug Spray – Boiling up 500 gm of leaves with 1 litre of water can be an effective solution. Strain it then dilute it then spray it.

Molasses Bug Spray – A spray of molasses can be made by mixing a bit of molasses in a liter of water and then adding soap.

Rhubarb Bug Spray – A spray can be made from soaking the poisonous leaves of Rhubarb. A kilogram of leaves to 3 Litres of water for thirty minutes, to this is added 15 grams of pure soap flakes. The mix is then diluted 1:1 for use.