Cash For Clunkers Rules and Tips


The listing of Cash for Clunkers eligible vehicles can be found at Eco Auto Ninja. The site lists almost every vehicle sold in America since the 1984 model year. The program is officially called CARS, or Car Allowance Rebate System, but the catchy moniker “Cash for Clunkers” is the name that stuck.

The car you’re trading in must be less than 25 years old — made in the summer of 1984 or later. The vehicle must be listed by the government as getting combined highway/city fuel efficiency of 18 miles per gallon or less.

The vehicle must have been insured and registered to you for the past year, and it must be in drivable condition.

If you trade it in for a car that improves your fuel economy by four miles per gallon or more, you can get a $3,500 voucher, which you can apply toward the cost of a new car.

If you switch to a vehicle that gets 10 miles per gallon more in fuel efficiency, then the government will give you $4,500.