eco halloween

It’s Halloween, every kid’s favorite holiday and a great opportunity to go green! Some of the best ways to make Halloween a more eco-friendly event is to really pay attention to how much plastic you are using. Plastic shows up everywhere at this time of year, from decorations, to costumes, to the treat containers your kids use to collect their loot!

Instead of giving your kids one of those plastic pumpkin loot buckets, get them to use a re-usable grocery bag that you’ve sewn or glued some Halloween fabric shapes onto!

Another thing to try and avoid are those throwaway plastic costumes that you can get almost anywhere these days. They barely last one Halloween and end up in a landfill – not decomposing ever. Make your kids costumes out of old fabric, and then get into trading costumes with other parents!

As far as decorations go, try to use as little plastic as possible, and if you can, try and save and re-use those plastic decorations for as many years as you can get out of them. Don’t buy new, cheap plastic ornamentals every year and throw them away once the season is over, the earth can’t handle all our garbage as it is!