rustic thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this year, you should aim to create a memorable experience for your friends and family, and while you’re at it – make some sustainable choices! What could be a better idea around the time of giving thanks, than appreciating the planet that we live on!

You can start by retiring all those plastic decorations that you got from your grandmother. Most of them are made from petroleum-based plastics, and you don’t want any of that near your food! If you are using candles as lighting, try and use some soy-based candles, they burn longer, and there are less chemicals used in their manufacture.

As far as a centerpiece goes, nothing is better suited for a Thanksgiving feast, than a cornucopia of autumn foliage and gourds. During the fall season, you can find gorgeous shapes and colors at your local farmers market, where pumpkins, squash, and other fall favorites are in ripe abundance. Arrange these around your table and in the center, and then add big orange, red and yellow leaves, pine cones and branches to the mix.

Another option is using a long tray down the center of your table and filling it with beautiful and edible fruits and flowers. You can’t get a more sustainable decoration than an edible one!