Shag Rug with Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Each of us has had a dirty carpet at one time or another. Traditionally, carpet cleaning has been an artificial, chemical process. Noisome concoctions such as Tetrachloroethylene and Napthalene left us with carpets that smelled like a dry-cleaners or a closet full of mothballs. These chemicals not only pose a danger to carpet owners, but also to groundwater supplies if improperly handled. 2-Butoxyethanol is slightly better since it decomposes in air after a day or two, but is still harmful in large concentrations, or if improperly used.

What can we do? The best solution is to keep the carpet clean as you go instead of hiring a professional, industrial cleaning service. For small jobs, an ancient solution of equal parts vinegar and water will do wonders. Home owners haven’t used it for thousands of years for nothing! Mixing vinegar and water with borax and salt will yield a paste capable of defeating tougher problems. Simply leave the paste on the stain overnight and vacuum it up the next morning. There are also many commercially available, green cleaning products if we do not want to make our own. Labels will be our guide.

What do we do if the carpet dirt has gotten out of hand and home remedies are unsuccessful? We can call a professional service that specializes in “green solutions” to carpet cleaning. Most cleaning firms realize that if all they offer is carpet cleaning with harsh chemical products, they won’t get much business if other companies use green products and achieve the same results. We should research any company we plan to hire to determine which cleaning solutions it offers. It shouldn’t be difficult to find out, even if we have to ask the company itself. If you’ve spent the money buying an eco-friendly carpet or rug, you’ll want to invest the time into cleaning it in a green way!

To be environmentally conscious, we must pay attention when cleaning our carpets.