I hadn’t realized the importance of regular furnace inspections until my furnace went out one year in the winter. I wasn’t able to get heat for about two days and had to suffer through the cold. After a technician came out to my house, they took the time to explain to me that this problem could have been prevented had I simply taken the time to get a regular furnace inspection.

I did some research online and was surprised to find that there is a number of reasons to get your furnace regularly inspected. The most important reason is in the active prevention of a possible furnace fire. A furnace that has not been regularly inspected could be dirty and worn down, putting it at a much higher risk for potentially breaking down.

Another reason to get your furnace regularly inspected is to lower the cost that you have to pay for heating and cooling. A furnace that is not regularly inspected and maintained can become clogged and energy inefficient, resulting in a higher monthly heating bill. This was one of the issues that I was having with my furnace and was very glad to find that my heating and cooling bill was lower on average after I started getting furnace inspections done.

I was surprised to find that in many cases regular inspections are covered by your heating and cooling company. This means that you can typically get your furnace inspected for free by simply making the effort to contact your company.

I also found that after getting regular inspections for awhile the company decided to replace some of the equipment for free. Specifically, they upgraded my old mercury thermostat to a digital one. This was a big plus, as I have kids around that could have potentially been exposed.