Zero Carbon House in UK


Check out this beautiful new eco-home in the UK which shows off the latest energy saving and efficient technologies. This type of vaulted construction was used for the first time in Spain in 1382, and its known as the Catalan vault system. It boasts a low arch made of bricks, with different levels being used to maintain its strength without requiring additional support structures. It was designed by Richard Hawkes as one of the first zero carbon houses in the UK.

The house is harnessing solar energy to generate all its own electricity and thermal energy. The building demonstrates how contemporary design can celebrate local materials and crafts and integrate new technologies to produce a highly sustainable building that sits lightly on the Earth.

There is a trend lately, in the UK and North America, to make more new homes energy efficient – with more and more of them achieving the lofty title of zero carbon! Let’s hope this trend continues.