Recycled Flooring Elevates Modern Green Design


Have you ever wondered what happens to the scraps of wood that flooring, furniture, and other lumber manufacturers leave behind? A lot of that wood is dropped off at a landfill, ground or burned. Clearly the disposing of wood using those methods has their own set of unique negative environmental impacts. But, what if there was a way to save that wood while also contributing to the growing eco-friendly interior design movement? Staybull Flooring is a company that does just that.

Staybull Flooring recycled flooring is composed of the leftover strips of lumber that were previously discarded. But, wait? Isn’t recycled flooring…you know…like old? Understandably, when people normally think of recycled wood flooring, the first thought that comes to mind is a rustic looking, country style home. It’s easy to see why. The old, worn look of antique flooring does give traditional interiors a desirable rustic look.

Homes and businesses that are aiming for a modern or contemporary look can now infuse their interior with a dynamic and versatile solid wood floor. The invention of an eco-friendly flooring product like Staybull shows that there are companies out there that are still creating innovative solutions that alleviate the environmental pressures that, in the past, went ignored. The more awareness we can bring to this kind of recycling effort the more board feet of lumber we can spare from being burned, or left to rot in landfills.