Hemper Jeans

hemp denim

Hemp is one of the best eco-friendly materials in the world, so why not make everyone’s favorite pants out of this miracle material?! That’s exactly what Hemper Jeans is doing.

According to their website: Their vision is to make fashionable and quality jeans made of hemp, and to turn it into an attractive alternative in the currently cotton-dominated jeans market. Hemper Jeans would introduce its line of hemp jeans and hemp clothing to apparel consumers who are not currently familiar with hemp and its advantages and to turn hemp jeans into a fashionable and ideological statement.

Hemp is much more eco-friendly than cotton:It requires little or no pesticides, as it is naturally pest resistant. It naturally fertilizes the soil for future crops, as oppose to cotton which deteriorates the soil. It has a particularly high yield fiber crop. In fact, an acre of hemp produces more biomass than most other crops, and it requires only moderate amounts of water for its cultivation.