Top Eco-Designs According to Top Designers


The last year has was a stellar one for green products, and furniture is no exception. Some of the world’s most influential furniture designers were asked to pick thier favorite eco-designs from the past year, the only catch…they couldn’t pick their own designs. Here are a few of the front-runners.

Richard Liddle chose Bourne’s Luck, the reclaimed wooden chair by Ryan Frank “Ryan’s produced a very unique, energy efficient and — most importantly — aesthetic design,” says Liddle.

Nick Rawcliffe chose David Trubridge’s Glide recliner. “I’m taken with all David’s products,” Nick said.

Simon Mount chose Douglas Homer’s AfterGlow Armless Double Bench, on sale at Loll Designs. “It’s made from 100 per cent recycled HDPE plastic — most old milk bottles,” said Mount.