Easy Ways to Make Your Space More Eco-Friendly

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Decorating your living room in a way that is aesthetically pleasing let eco-friendly is challenging for many individuals. While many upgrades to a living room are desirable from an entertainment perspective, they may not be so in an eco-friendly way. As such, here are some green living room decor ideas that can spruce up your living room.

Windows often allow heat to escape in the winter and cool air to seep out in the summer. By installing energy efficient windows into your home you are able to effectively control your heating and cooling costs in an eco-friendly way. Energy efficient windows can be quite attractive as well.

energy effiecient window

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Electrical plugs are often a waste of electrical power as energy seeps out through the cords when they remain plugged into the electrical socket. Using a decorative idea to cover up a power surge is a creative way to develop an eco-friendly direction. Try converting an ottoman placed near the wall as a way of diverting your unattractive power cords into an attractive and comfortable ottoman. Add an external switch so you can unplug all the cords easily and develop a more eco-friendly living room that is attractive and practical.