Designer Profile – Herman Miller

herman miller eames 3 seat sofa

Herman Miller was a businessman from West Michigan. In 1923, Miller assisted his son-in-law D.J. Depree with the purchase of the Michigan Star Furniture Company. Depree was employed with the company since 1905 and once the company purchase was final Depree renamed the company after his father-in-law, Herman Miller. The man himself was known for his integrity, so Depree felt a company named after a man of such reputation would be an asset to the brand – a company with high standards and one you could trust.

By the 20th century Miller’s name and Herman Miller modern furniture had become one in the same. The company produced classic pieces of industrial designs. Working with incredible designers like Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, they set the standard for modern furniture. Other designers after the 20th century were Bill Stumpf, Ayse Birsel, Doug Ball, Robert Propst and many others.

Herman Miller has been recognized as one of best designers of furnishings for home and office, healthcare, environmental, technology and other services. A global company, Herman Miller has operations all over the world in countries such as Africa, Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific. The world headquarters is located in Zeeland, Michigan. The manufacturing is done in China, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States. The company has produced pieces of furniture that are now considered classics of modern design, such as the Eames chair, the Eames 3-Seat Sofa, and the Nelson Platform Bench.

In 2012, Herman Miller was acknowledged with the Huntington Pillar Award. The award was given by the Women’s Resource Center for excellence of recognition of women in the workplace.

This furniture company has always been a great innovator of health and well being, and they encourage those in their staff community
to stay fit by health management by participating in activities such as biking and walking. The company holds itself to very high standards of safety, and believes that a lot of injuries are preventable with proper safety habits.

Herman Miller is involved in community service projects such as charitable work, highway cleaning and youth mentoring. The company participates with other programs such as Habitat for Humanity and We Care.

Not only that, they are an advocate for the environment. The company believes our quality of life for the future depends on economic vitality and sustaining the natural environment. They created “Perfect Vision”, a plan that targets issues of the environmental social equity. The Perfect Vision projects include zero air emissions, zero hazardous waste, zero landfills and much more.

The company’s products are wide and varied. The company offers equipment for the majority of hospital departments. Products may be purchased for administrative areas such as desks and chairs. The products are durable which makes them a good choice for high-traffic areas such as the emergency department. The products hold up through frequent cleaning, which is a must in healthcare environments.

They are also legendary for their office systems and furnishings – which are considered some of the best in the industry for offices, small and large. The company offers modular walls as a solution to constructed walls. Modular walls are cost effective but also good when a permanent wall is not needed. The walls are 99% reusable and some of the materials used to construct the modular walls are recyclable.

Where else can you find a company that’s so diverse? What other company provides such eco-friendly options? Truly, Herman Miller provides the best of the best in design, technology or services that meet the need for work, learning or healing.