Designer Profile- Arturo Alvarez Lighting

Arturo Alvarez lighting lamps

Arturo Alvarez continues to be an inspiration and hero in the world of lighting. He has come to be a well sought after designer because of his inspiration, techniques and commitment to the environment as well as his clients. His lighting collections have been purchased all around the world and are found in hotels and public places in many countries. His Bety model is even highlighted in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona.

For those of you who do not know who Arturo Alvarez is I will provide an introduction by beginning with the fact that he is a Spanish designer who officially started his lab in 2008 working with a team of designers to create emotional lighting. His company has designed dozens of collections of lamps and lights attracting the attention of artists and environmentalists all around the world. His designs range in personality from very modern and geometric to simple and natural. He is an artist at the core but really takes into consideration the environment when creating his masterpieces. He has had a long career in the field but has only been in the spotlight for the last 5 or so years.

One of the reasons for his rise to fame is the achievement of the “Good Design” award in 2008 for his Gea collection. He received the same award the following year for his Fluo collection. Environmentalists will fall in love with this designer because of his work and design ethic. He strives to create unique and modern lighting while using natural and sustainable materials. For instance, several of his lighting collections including one of his newer collections called Norr features wood materials which are renewable and sustainable.

Also of importance is the fact that he values the tradition of hand-made products. His collections are all hand-made and unique keeping alive ancient Spanish traditions and leaving less impact on the environment. Along with his commitment to using natural and sustainable materials his company donates 0.7% of its profits to the reforestation of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. His company only uses suppliers that are committed to using energy-saving habits and that follow all environmental regulations.

If that isn’t enough, Arturo Alvarez also champions the use of recycled materials and has made new breakthrough materials using this concept. For example, by using metal mesh and silicone he created a new material put to use in his artistic lighting designs which is malleable, resistant, flexible and translucent and can also be cleaned easily with water. His lamps are truly one-of-a-kind in that each piece can be custom ordered and all are numbered and engraved signifying that each piece was made unique. His pieces are known to evoke emotion and bring about comfort to those who experience it.

Nevertheless, Arturo Alvarez is a genius in his field. He will long be known for his creative and inspirational lighting designs. Most importantly though, he will be known around the world for his commitment to the environment and dedication to using everyday, sustainable materials in his designs.