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Designing with the environment is mind is somewhat of a challenge for many people. So many people want to go green with their home designs but lack the creativity, resources or inspiration to make it happen. Surprisingly enough there are many options on the market and elsewhere when it comes to designing green apartments.

One of the best ways to design an apartment with an eco-minded theme is to select unique eco-friendly furniture such as chairs made from sustainable materials like bamboo. Also, many local shops offer one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of furniture that are from reclaimed wood or other materials. Green furniture options are endless and can be found almost anywhere.

Eco Friendly Apartment

Another exciting way to “green” your apartment is through lighting. Many popular artists and designers are offering modern lighting options made from reclaimed or eco-friendly materials making it easier than ever to bring a green look together.

And finally and probably the most obvious way to design a more sustainable apartment is to use environmentally-friendly flooring such as bamboo which is beautiful to look at and will go with almost any design. Not to mention bamboo flooring is cheaper than most hardwoods making it one of the best design choices around.

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