Cool Design Ideas Using Old Compact Discs


How many unwanted old compact discs are you holding on to? Some people probably have hundreds of them on shelves, in boxes, and stored away in attics and garages, destined for a land fill someday. However, many creative folks are designing uses for CDs that have outlived their original purpose. How about a lamp or a decorative windmill? You, too, can put your creativity into action and help to reduce landfill waste. Let’s look at a few designs that you may want to borrow for your own re-purposing project.

How much does a CD weigh? 150 of them weigh slightly less than ten pounds. So, insert a 10 inch threaded bolt through them, 75 on each end, and secure in place with lock nuts. You now have a ten-pound dumbbell!

Not in an exercise mood? Perhaps you are not only creative, but also artistic as well. CDs are a great media for developing interesting and appealing sculptures. They can be reshaped by heating them and securing them together with aluminum tape or a glue gun to form many designs. Indeed, many galleries are displaying works created using discarded CDs.

One of the more fun creations developed by a clever designer is a new take on the traditional ballroom dance ball, now commonly known as a disco ball. The CD finish is naturally reflective, similar to a mirror. Start with a paper sphere lantern at least 12 inches in diameter. Then strategically affix CDs to the outside surface of the lantern – label side down, shiny side out. Hang it above your dance floor and shine a bright spotlight or two on it. Or just use it to add an interesting and creative piece of art to your home. You can add interest by hanging the ball from a small rotating hook that is used for rotating ornaments on a Christmas tree. John Travolta will be proud of you!

CDs make quick and easy table coasters. Shiny side up adds a festive flair, and label side up is a conversation starter, particularly if you have lots of oldies. If you are looking for a unique music or dancing party invitation, cover the label side of CDs with paper and then add the invitation text and mailing information. Put a stamp on them and drop them into the mailbox! How about covering a wall with them for your own one-of-a-kind wallpaper?

You may have heard that CDs will soon be totally replaced by other technologies. Now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to do with all of them to give them a new life.