3 Cool Dining Sets Under $200


In attempting to find dining sets below two hundred dollars I discovered it was quite a task! I relied mainly on the World Wide Web and search engines to help with this endeavor. Making sure these sets are eco-friendly was uppermost in my mind. I found three dining sets that meet the specifications.

The first dining table set was discovered at the Ikea website. It consists of a table and 4 chairs made of solid pine going by the name of Ingo/Ivar. The cost of this fine table was set at one hundred sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. This was a victory in discovering a nice set that is eco-friendly and priced right! The table and chairs must be assembled by the purchaser. The site suggests that the screws be re-tightened after about two weeks of use. The table dimensions are: length 47 1/4 inch; width 29 1/2 inch; and height 28 3/4 inch. The chair dimensions are: width 16 1/8 inch; depth 19 5/8 inch; height 37 3/8 inch. The dimensions of the seat of the chair are: width 15 3/8 inch; depth 15 3/4 inch; height 17 3/4 inch.

The next dining set I found that fit the bill was at Overstock.com. Find it here: at this site.
This Country Cottage drop-leaf dining set looks lovely and is certainly affordable at one hundred eighty-eighty dollars and sixty-six cents. I determined that it is eco-friendly due to being made of natural, sustainable rubber wood. The two chairs that come with it are made of the same material. The table measures 29 inches high x 30 inches wide x 30 inches long. This interesting table transforms from a 30-inch square to a 43.75-inch half-oval when the 13.75-inch drop leaf is raised. Each sturdy chair measures 35.5 inches high x 19.75 inches wide x 17.5 inches deep. Be assured that some assembly is required upon receipt of the product.

The last dining set was discovered on Craigslist. Now in purchasing items from this site be reminded that it is not quite as reliable as Ikea and Overstock.com, but it certainly accommodates the thrifty shopper. If you do decide to buy used furniture from Craigslist, make sure you don’t buy anything sight unseen! Most people post pictures of what they are selling, but pictures don’t always capture whether or not the furniture is moments away from falling apart, or if it has unsightly stains, scratches or markings.