Top Five Home Office Desks for Multiple Monitors

dual-monitors-best desks

Computer monitors take up a lot of desktop surface space. Finding the best desk for your individual needs is crucial in maintaining a productive work flow. Below are the top 5 home office desks for multiple monitors.

1. Single Surface Desks
The most common form of desktops in the home office are single surface desks. Although single surface desks aren’t the largest of desks, they are the perfect match for simple dual-monitor setups. This is also the perfect desk for the budget conscious.

2. Extended Single Surface
Just like the single surface desk, the extended single surface desk is very popular for multiple monitor setups. This is the type of desk which is great for those who have not only a multiple monitor setup but also many peripherals such as musical keyboards and sound control boards.

3. Dual Surface Desks
With a dual surface desk there is literally double the surface space of a single surface desk. However, dual surface desks should be very carefully chosen. Often times dual surface desks can have limited space, if not chosen with great caution.

4. Height Adjustable Desks
The benefits of having a height adjustable desk don’t end with the ability to adjust in height. Most adjustable desks are also built much wider than normal single surface desks. Height adjustable desks aren’t very expensive, either!

5. Custom Built Desks
Although the option of hiring a private constructor may be more expensive than buying a prefabricated desk, it is a great option for individuals with in-home studios, or those who just have a larger than average monitor setup. Another benefit to having a custom built monitor desk is that you as the buyer will be in total control of the entire project. Everything from materials used to the total dimensions of the desk will be in your hands.