Feng Shui Bedroom Design Tips

design bedroom feng shui

Feng shui is making its way into western design culture and is becoming a very popular way to design a person’s house. People use feng shui from the living room to the bedroom. There are many different rules to bring peace and harmony into a person’s house.

The first step to having great energy is to remove all the unnecessary items such as the television, computer and exercise equipment. Having these items will destroy the energy. Another step to take is to open the windows and let the fresh air into the room. Be mindful of the air levels in the room; good feng shui is compromised with stale air or pollutants. Different lighting settings help great a good mood.

Candles are the best for feng shui in the bedroom, but be sure the candles are made with no toxins.
The paint in the room will also help with the color scheme. Colors that bring in the best energy are human skin colors. These colors vary from pale white to a rich dark chocolate; bringing this color into the room will help the energy flow. Make sure to pick a color that goes along with your décor as well. Art décor is also important for the room, pick pictures or images that you want to see happen in your life, positive influences.

The bed also plays an important role for bedroom feng shui. The rules for the bed are as follows a bed needs to be accessible from each side; there should be two side tables so that makes the room symmetrical. The bed should not be in line with the door. A comfortable mattress with a headboard that is sturdy is also needed. The last rule that will help with the energy is to shut all the bedroom doors. Clean and organized will create a sense of calm and peace in the bedroom.