DIY – How to Shorten Your Blinds

shortening blinds

Blinds are a great asset for your home. Not only do they look fantastic, but they can also keep out unwanted sunlight effectively lowing the cost of your air conditioning bill. That being said, if you’ve ever been in the situation of needing to shorten your blinds, you also know that blinds can sometimes pose challenges. Fortunately, shortening your blinds doesn’t have to be such a hassle. The following steps will walk you through shortening your blinds. Not to worry, it won’t take long and the process won’t make you want to throw your blinds in the trash. Instead, you’ll be smiling and ready to hang your newly shortened blinds.

1) The first step to shortening your blinds is to remove the cap at the bottom. Depending on the type of blinds you’re working with, you may find that your blinds have one to three caps; remove them all. You may need a small tool in order to be able to pop the caps off.

2) After you remove the caps, you’ll find that the strings from both the front and back sides of the blinds will then fall out. At the bottom of the slip cord, you’ll see a knot. In order to cut the knot, pull on it and then cut off the end.

3) Once you’ve cut the knot off of the slip cord, you’ll then be able to pull the slip cord out of the slats that you want to remove in order to shorten your blinds. When doing this step, be careful to make sure that you pull the slip cord out of both sides.

4) Next, you’ll have to take the sections that you don’t want and remove them by sliding them out sideways. When taking this step, remember that the bottom blind has to stay the bottom blind, meaning that you’ll have to take that measurement into consideration.

5) Take the bottom blind and slide into the ladder strings.

6) Find the slip cord and pull it back through the hole near the bottom blind. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to tie a new knot at the end of the slip cord. If you have any excess slip cord or extra string on the ladder strings, you’ll need to fit the new lengths you’ve created.

7) Find the caps that you took off at the beginning of the process and put them back.

After completing those seven, simple steps, the only thing you have left to do is hang your blinds and marvel at your excellent blind-shortening skills!