Colors You Should NEVER Paint Your Walls


Painting a room is a great way to revitalize its appearance. After years with the same wall colors, many grow tired of the room’s appearance, and a couple coatings of paint can transform its appearance dramatically. It is important, however, to realize that while painting is not permanent, repainting costs money and can take away a weekend. Thought is necessary, but there are a few colors that a room should never be painted.

Near the top of the list has to be pink. Most think that only young or teenage girls would consider this option, but pink walls are surprisingly common in houses. Pink can make a great accent color, but an entirely pink room is overkill. “Visual noise” is a term used to express an overwhelming feeling from too much visual information, and pink paint can turn the visual noise rating up quite high. Pink is a tiring color, and it gives the room a juvenile appearance.

Another common mistake is painting a room black. Black rooms rarely achieve the look homeowners strive for, and most who choose black end up regretting the decision quickly. Black paint will effectively shrink a room and may cause a claustrophobic reaction in some. With the exception of dedicated home theater rooms, black should be never be considered for a home; it does not look tough, and it does not look elegant. It simply looks bad.

Green and blue are other popular options, but extreme caution is due when considering these colors. With some competent advice, there are some shades of green and blue that can be effective, but the vast majority of green and blue hues come up short. Baby blue might function in a baby’s room, but this look fails in other portions of a house. Kelly green or darker shades may work in a sports or billiards room, but lighter shades will demand a repaint in the near future.

Finally, homeowners should be wary of red paint. Bright red is simply unusable in most rooms; the shade is visually overpowering and has been shown to induce stress. Darker shades of red may be effective, but it requires careful coordination with the room’s furniture and accents. Unless considering a complete room remodeling, red should be scratched off the list.

Painting is fairly easy, and its cost-to-change ratio is perhaps the best among room renovation options. Sometimes, however, a bit more thought is necessary. A painted accent stripe is a great option, and some are considering eco-friendly wallpapers instead of paint. The best advice for would-be room painters is to slow down and take time to find the best option available.