A Rustic Modern Home Design Aesthetic

modern rustic home design

A growing trend in home design is rustic modern. This style takes traditional rustic elements that you see in cabins and hunting lodges and re-imagines and then places them into an urban setting. The resulting design aesthetic is as individual as every homeowner. Rustic modern exemplifies the perfect marriage of natural and machine born materials, finished with modern design principles like sharp lines and functional forms. You will see a lot of exposed wooden beams alongside glass or metal furniture. A rustic modern bedroom might use all white bedding and walls, with a reclaimed wood headboard. The kitchen is the perfect place to use these style of design, with concrete or slate flooring, a vintage butcher block or farm table, and all stainless steel appliances.

Many furniture designers are combining these two design aesthetics in their work, as you will see in any high-end furniture store these days. Brushed steel legs form the bases of tables that use reclaimed rail ties or barn wood as their table tops. Another trend is rustic modern lighting. Old factories and warehouses used industrial pendant lamps, and those lamps are seeing a huge resurgence of popularity in home design.

Accessories for the Rustic Modern Home

For accessories, we are seeing a lot of antique bottles, maps and tools make an appearance in people’s decor. An old pull-down school map is the perfect solution for a large wall that needs to be filled. Old medicine bottles from an apothecary can line shelves and create a wonderful old-fashioned, yet starkly contemporary look. Animal trophy heads made of wood, and antlers are making a huge comeback in the design world, with companies like Roost doing an entire series of carved wood mountable animal heads.

When putting together a plan for this style in your home, remember to create a balance of the two ideals. If you have a simple, modern space – sometimes all you need is one strong rustic piece to tie the room together perfectly. Consider all the natural and man-made materials such as reclaimed wood and stone or granite. Using simple, uncomplicated furniture and incorporating clean lines amongst the natural elements, you will find that a rustic modern design will create a sense of organic warmth in your home.

In our store, we have gathered a huge collection of both modern furniture, and rustic furniture, so take a look and see all of the limitless combinations you could choose from to create the perfect rustic modern home.