Vintage 60’s Living Rooms

… 60s And 70s Our Neighbors Called Their Living Room The Front Room It

This Vintage 60's Add-on!

What better way to incorporate your love of all things vintage then by using that decor style in your home. Whether your tastes run to more formal looks or you like things to be a bit more funky, there is a way to decorate vintage living rooms to fit your design aesthetic.

Vintage design can mean many things. One style is something a bit glamorous. This is signified by sumptuous, fluffy white rugs, crystal chandeliers, damask patterns and a color palette that might include white, black and Tiffany blue. This has an element of an old Hollywood look and feel.

1967 Living Room

If you have a love for all things 1960’s then creating a retro living room in that style is a fantastic idea. Choose high-quality furniture made of things metal or glass. The furniture to include in a 60’s style living room can include interesting almost space-age looking shapes. Some ideas for art include framing prints of owls, art posters from the 60’s and starburst style wall hangings. Rugs and textiles should include warm colors that are found in nature, such as burnt orange and bold yellow. Rugs with funky patterns and stripes are an option for this retro living room.

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