Relaxing Loft Seating

Do you have a loft in your house that is currently filled with clutter? Why not put that clutter where it belongs, and create your very own, private, stress-free sanctuary! Leave your worries at the front door, and transform your useless area into a Zen loft.

Zen is a Japanese term, which means a school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation. Another way to think of Zen is a total state of focus, that incorporates you to relax your body and mind. Creating your loft into a Zen get-a-way will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3! You will want to find a simple seating arrangement that matches your style. Make sure the furniture is simple, and not over the top.

Custom Seating For Meditation

Simple Loft Seating Simple Chair Meditation Lofts Modern Simple Chair Tea For Meditation

Find a nice wooden box, and make a miniature Zen garden, or there are ready made miniature Zen gardens available to purchase. These gardens are used for calming the mind and body, and can be very helpful in a room focused on relaxation.

Small Garden Box Tin Box Garden Mason Jar Herbs Indoor Small Garden Relaxing Terrarium Small Indoor Garden Relaxing Table Garden Small Airplant Garden Old Tea Tins..... Would Be Fantabulous Herb Garden !!!! Plants Love Indoor Herb Gardens

Stay within a variety of earth tones for your lofts color scheme. Anything too bright will become overpowering, and will throw off the design for your Zen loft. You can purchase some abstract vases, or you could even paint some of your old vases to match your theme. Then close your eyes and enjoy your relaxing new space as you practice your meditation!

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