Relaxing and Zen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Romantic Zen Bedroom

There are many ideas one can use to make a relaxing space to meditate, read, or sleep. One is to introduce a water feature into the room. Second is by adding candles, low lighting, or mood lighting. Third is through scents and aromatherapy. Fourth is by adding comfortable furniture. Fifth is by adding a ceiling fan or air conditioner to the room.

Zen Master Bedroom
Adding a water feature makes a room instantly inviting and soothing. The gentle sounds of water running, dripping, or trickling allows one to instantly let go and begin to relax. Candles or low lighting is important to introduce meditation and relaxing sleep. Mood lighting can enhance the effects that the low light has by aiding mood changes according to color.

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Using different scents such as lavender, vanilla, and jasmine is a great way to help one envision being somewhere else and allowing their imagination to run away with them. Using chaise lounge chairs, over-sized sofas or beds, and tons of pillows is vital to making a sleep worthy place to relax and meditate. Finally, adding a ceiling fan that can run on low will give the room a cooling breeze, use an air conditioner for hot and humid homes.