Green Bedroom Design Ideas

Black And Green Dresser

Choosing the right color scheme for a bedroom opens up a lot of choices. Bedrooms don’t have to be neutral shades or even a dark design. There are many unique green bedroom design ideas that could brighten up any bedroom that started out with a drab look. Green is the color of the great outdoors. It is a happy, soothing color that will bring springtime into the home. Just imagine coming home after a hard day at work to a bedroom that is filled with calm shades of green. The drapes could be a pale green that will offset a comforter or bedspread with several shades of green against a white background.

The furniture in the room can have mint green borders with a few green accessories on the tops of the dresser, night stand, or other pieces of furniture. You can be daring with clean green stripes, florals and other patterns for the wall covering. Green can also be complemented with shades of blue and white for a beautiful and comforting combination of water and trees. Paintings that go with the greens will finish off the room for that total atmosphere of peace.

Green Kids Dresser

Green Drapes Accent Bedroom

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