Give Your Apartment a Vintage Look

Retro Television Stand.

There’s a big trend for vintage decor right now, and when you want to give your apartment some personality and some vintage flavor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that vintage does not simply mean old; do not simply go to second hand stores and pick up anything that is from a certain era. Instead, this look requires a rather soft touch.

First, think about the era that you are considering. Vintage might mean something as stark and colorful as the love for clean lines in the sixties, or it might mean a love of something more decadent and textured, as in the twenties. Make sure that you know what kind of aesthetic that you are going for.

Contemporary Vintage Apartment

Make sure that you take a look at how houses were decorated in the era your are considering. For example, the seventies used a lot of texture and prints, while the eighties had a lot more to say about sleek lines. Come up with a design aesthetic that suits your needs immediately.

Remember that less is more when it comes to a vintage look. You might only need one or two things before your room has the precise look that you need.

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