Country Living Room and Kitchen Design Tips

Country Home Design Ideas

Having a stunning country space is quite simple when you follow these country living room design tips. The first step is to choose rustic furniture. You might opt for couches that have their bases made out of logs. If that’s not possible, choose colors in the neutral palate or that are on the warmer side as these tend to channel feelings of the country and nature. Try to paint the room in similar tones; it will truly make everyone feel cozy.

Couch Country Living Room

As for the coffee table, you absolutely should put a bowl full of pine cones, leaves, stones and other items from nature upon it. Scatter some country living magazines out across the table as well. On the walls, hang up beautiful paintings of a lovely day at the farm or other scenes from the outdoors. When you really want to channel the vibes of the country, you absolutely must have a fireplace. Wood burning will do the trick, but for safety purposes, it might be safer to go with an electric one. This is especially true if you have children or pets. Whatever you decide, you can craft the space of your dreams in this new country living room of yours.
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