The Furniture of Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

Philippe Patrick Starck is a French designer who has a reputation for creating fluid, natural, dynamic, and powerful furniture designs. He is also a master of interior design.

He helped to create many famous hotels, restaurants, luxury homes, boats, and recreation areas. He is likewise responsible for many mass-produced items, such as furniture of all kinds.

Unpredictably, he made his start by establishing his own design career and firm, fresh out of school in 1968. He specialized initially at that time in inflatable objects.

Furniture seems to be one of Starck’s stronger qualities. He has designed a wide variety chairs, tables, shelves, and beds. All of his furniture designs in the past have had an organic feel to them: His chairs and stools are usually egg-shaped, round, and curvy.

Meanwhile the beds and dresser drawers he thinks up resemble vague, modernized versions of land formations, slated rocks, or water eroded plateaus of sand. Sometimes, his designs are reminiscent of plants, trees, and sea anemones. Other times they are minimalist, and barren.

We are blessed that Starck has taken an interest in eco-friendly aesthetics. In 2008, Stark made the leap from designing interiors, structures, furniture, and utilitarian objects, to designing a sustainable, eco-smart, and aesthetically-pleasing wind turbine that doubles as a musical instrument.

His new design is called the Broom Chair for Emeco, and was released in 2012. It is equal in eco-friendly points to the power-producing windmill design. It is zero-waste, meaning it is made from almost 95% recycled material. The name of this chair is inspired by the idea that the chair is ‘sweeping’ up extra waste by coming into existence.

The Broom Chair is simpler than Starck’s more fluid-style furniture he has been famous for producing in the past, such as his egg-like and tear-drop shaped chairs and structures reminiscent of natural forms overflowing with aesthetic fluidity.

The Broom is designed to look like a school, library, or patio chair, with just a drip of curve to make the design still uniquely Starck. This chair is undoubtedly a simplified version of what Strack is capable of as far as an exciting design goes. However, it is likely he is making a statement through its simplicity about sustainability. Maybe, it is that helping the environment need not be complicated.