The Panton Chair by Verner Panton

Modern Classics: Verner Panton Chairs

The Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton, one of Denmark’s most influential interior designers, in the 1960s.

Since the chair’s creation, its iconic design has made it a 20th-century landmark. Built fluidly to accommodate the human body form, the Panton chair incorporates features made for both style and comfort. The cantilever base and overall shape was designed with flexible materials. The sleek design makes it suitable for singular and group settings, as well as outdoors.

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The solid plastic chair was originally made in one mold, however, the process was subsequently adjusted for manufacturing until later. Produced using injection molding, the plastic material consists of reinforced polypropylene fiberglass that is thoroughly dyed. At approximately 5.5 kg, its sturdy construction includes weather proofing and UV safeguards, with fade prevention additives. In addition, the Panton chair has passed all standard flammability tests based upon the butane and cigarette flame tests.

The Panton chair is considered a classic of futuristic furniture design. The Vitra firm developed a version for production in 1967. Since the first plastic chair was made from one section, it has seen some adjustments after the market launch. Recently, it was produced in alignment with designer Panton’s original vision, from strong, dyed plastic with a matt finish. Also known as the stacking or S chair, it has become Panton’s most mass-produced and famous design.

Designer Verner Panton spent quite a few years figuring out how to produce this classic plastic chair in just one piece. The first prototypes made in the 1960s were not as sturdy as the most recent Panton Chair Classic, made of expanded rigid construction with a hard foam plastic shell. Finished with gloss lacquer, it is available in black, red or white. Because of its streamlined design, the Panton chair has retained its popularity, as it so easily integrates into any modern decor.

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Panton is also known for a German boat design interiors which became part of a popular museum. He also provided circular and cylindrical patterned furniture for hotels in Europe. In addition, the designer is known for his innovative designs for German publication, Der Spiegel, in Hamburg.

New York’s Museum of Modern Art commissioned the Panton Chair as a modern, classic furniture design of the 20th Century. Take a look at more modern chairs in the Furniture Home Design Store.