Fjord Relax Swivel chair

When it comes to Patricia Urquiola’s Fjord Relax Swivel Armchair (named for the inlet shape in the back), one would find it difficult to find a more unique yet relaxing chair to lounge in. The swivel base is coated in powder-coat epoxy finish and the chair itself is made of molded polyurethane foam over steel frame, perfect for those that like a plush feel to their furniture. One also has their pick of two different styles. For those favoring a warm and rich tone, go for the Divina red wool upholstery with white top stitch on red base. If searching for more of a classic feel, one can choose the black leather upholstery with white top stitch on black base.

While the chair is certainly unique, it doesn’t mean that it looks like it belongs in Star Trek. No, the chair blends clean, simple lines with small details like the stitching on top. If one doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for a modern style, one can’t go wrong with this chair. Not only is this chair ridiculously comfortable but it also comes with an ottoman, called the Fjord Stone.

Another benefit of this quirky chair is that it is bound to be a great conversation starter. For instance, if you invite guests over to your place, they will immediately want to sit in the chair and marvel over the shape. A crowd will no doubt congregate about the chair and demand to know where you bought it so that they can run out and buy it for their own houses. Friends will begin to ask you for advice on decorating. If that’s not a incentive, I don’t know what is!

Afraid that you won’t have enough space in your living room to buy the chair? No worries. The Fjord chair won’t take up that much space at all. It’s ideal for small rooms and can be tucked neatly away into a corner.

The only possible deterrent to buying the chair is cost. However, if you have the budget for it, I say go ahead and buy it. After all, how often do you come across pieces of furniture that is modern, sleek and comfortable?