The Benefits of the Aeron Office Chair

aeron chair

Both a stylish addition to the office and a solution to posture problems, the Aeron is a highly adjustable ergonomic chair that has gained popularity especially with those suffering from back or upper leg pain. Its unconventional but fashionable look has even rewarded the chair with a permanent space in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Many people who need to spend hours every day sitting at a desk soon begin to notice deterioration in their posture as a result of using cheap and poorly designed chairs. A chair that encourages good posture, like the Aeron Office Chair, not only makes the user feel more comfortable immediately, it also aids in the proper functioning of internal organs.

Physicians are more frequently recommending ergonomic furniture. Standard chairs, not built for comfort, can result in unnatural sitting positions, constricting blood vessels and breaking up circulation. Many users have reported being able to work for many more hours without experiencing discomfort when switching to the Aeron Office Chair.

Comfort also helps productivity due increased concentration levels caused by the calmness of mind gained by lack of pain. The Aeron Office Chair is one of the most comfortable ergonomic designs available with features including PostureFit control, allowing users to adjust the chair back for variations on the standard lumbar support.

The Aeron is available in either the basic version or the highly adjustable model that comes with additional features. There is also a stool version that includes a foot ring for those working at higher than average work surfaces.

While the price of the chair is high, most users agree that it is a worthy investment, and one of the better models of modern office chair. Good posture does not only provide physical benefits, it gives the appearance of someone who is working hard and interested in their job.