The Right Way to Use Ceiling Fans

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During warmer weather, ceiling fans can either allow you to lower the output volume of your air conditioner, or may allow you to avoid using A/C completely. Install ceiling fans in rooms that needs to be cooled during warm weather. Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect makes you more comfortable, even if it’s also cooled by air through your windows or A/C. Ceiling fans do a good job of circulating the air in a room to create a cooling draft.

Ceiling fans should only be installed in rooms with ceilings at least eight feet high. Fans work best when the blades are 7–9 feet above the floor and 10–12 inches below the ceiling. Larger ceiling fans will cool rooms up to 225 square feet, and small- and medium-sized fans will give you good cooling in a 4 to 6-foot diameter area.

When shopping for ceiling fans, try to buy the ENERGY STAR® branded fans. ENERGY STAR® fans move air 20% more efficiently, on average, than standard models.