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Interesting wall art can make or break an apartment. Finding contemporary apartment wall art that suits a space is usually much more simple than most people realize. The key lies in not going overboard and choosing items that are both subtle and elegant. Having a clear statement in mind is also very helpful when selecting wall adornments.

The internet has made it impossibly simple to get one of a kind artwork for the home at a fraction of the price. Browsing sites like etsy, where artists sell their wares, can shed some light on very simple, yet modern pieces that can be the crowning statement in an upscale apartment. Combining a unique work of art with a high end frame can create a very expensive look.

Another way to embellish the walls of an up to date apartment is with wall decals. These can be found in home improvement stores, on the web and virtually all design shops.

Here are some sites to check out with great wall decals:
What Is Blik?
The Wall Sticker Company
Dezign with a Z

Their application is simple, and even a person with little experience in DIY can pull them off. They are generally single tone and come in virtually every design, from guitar silhouettes to ethereal branches. Combine a few to create a contemporary wall mural.



Boy-Room-Ideas-plane wall decal

cool wall decal



Ultra Cool 3D Wall Panels from 3D Surface

ARIANNA 3D wallpaper wall panels

Came across this Italian company while searching cool ideas for apartment and house walls, which led me to look for new 3D wall flat designs, similar to the amazing 3D wall flats and panels created by Inhabit. I eventually came across 3DSurface, a group who have been creating some of the most fantastic 3D panels I have seen yet. From their website:

“3D SURFACE is an innovation which arose from a meeting between three experienced artisan/craftsmen, Romano Zenoni and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli, who, jointly, have more than fifty years experience in interior design. The synergy and interaction between them allowed them to create new products with innovative forms and materials, creating a line of highly sought after, decorative, organically designed panels.”

Have a look at some of their incredible work!

ARIDO 3D wall panels

BAMBOO 3D wallpaper

CAOS 3D wallpaper wall panels

CAPITONNE 3D wallpaper

DESERTO 3D wallpaper

Wallpaper, Decals and Wall Murals – Trees Edition

… With Some Tree Wallpaper This Could Also Be Accomplished With Tree Or

Is there anything more soothing and serene than a stroll through a beautifully lit, atmospheric green forest? Or a walk on a fall day through the orange, reds and browns of an autumn wood?

Even a day spent in the bare trees and white serenity on a winter walk can bring a busy mind to a quiet place. Trees and forest scenes just have a way of making any space look more relaxing and zen-like.

With Tree Wallpaper

So its no surprise that designers and homeowners have latched on to the trend of papering their walls with forest themed or tree patterned wall paper and murals. There are so many gorgeous options available these days – whether you’re looking for actual images of trees, or a more artistic vision of a tree-filled vista. To add even more character to your walls, take a look at these 3D wall wallpaper flats!

Cool Wallpapers For Home With Abstract Tree Wall Murals

I’ve gathered a collection of images that I hope will inspire you as you search for the perfect tree or forest wallpaper or wall murals! Enjoy!

Beautiful Black and White Patterned Home Wallpaper

Tufted, Accent Chairs, Black, White, Floral, Wallpaper, Glossy, White …

One of the most beautiful trends in interior design of the last decade is ornate and beautiful wallpaper. Wallpaper design has seen a complete resurgence in popularity and we’ve seen it become the central design focus when used well in any room. There are a number of companies that now specifically produce incredible black and white designs for wallpaper – with a huge range of different patterns and designs. Often these will even have texturing added to create an even more dynamic look in your home. We also love the 3D wall flats that are becoming regularly seen in modern design.  I have curated this image gallery to inspire designers and home owners who are thinking of wallpapering one or all of the walls in a specific room, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room or even a bathroom. Enjoy!

Black And White Wallpapers For Retro Wallpaper Come With

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are lots of different types of amazing wallpaper, and more and more homeowners are deciding to decorate at least one of the rooms in their homes with wallpapering. A large majority of the ideas depend on the style of the homeowner. Some people choose simple themes. Others may be focused on much more complex themes and ideas for their wallpaper. Giant patterns, subtle lines, bold colors or even wallpaper that looks like bookshelves have gotten popular again as wallpaper makes a big comeback into the interior design world.  You can even find some wonderful textured or three-dimensional wallpaper that will absolutely give your room a bold look!


Beautiful Black And White Bedroom Wallpaper

We’ve put together a collection of images that we hope will inspire you as you search for the perfect wallpaper for your home!

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The Best Wall Colors for the Bedroom

painting bedroom

Choosing the perfect color for a bedroom wall can a difficult job. This is the room that you will spend more time in than any other in your, even if you will be asleep for much of it. Having wall colors that you like is important. Just as important, however, is choosing colors that are relaxing. The following choices make excellent colors for a relaxing and good looking bedroom.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as off white or cream, or darker shades like sandy colors or gray, can be very soothing. This has made them a very trendy color for bedrooms over the last few years. Adding an earthy tone to these colors can make them even more soothing. Neutral colors also offer versatility in choosing and changing decor, because they match with almost any color imaginable.


Blues have always been a popular choice for bedrooms. Light and pastel shades of blue provide a sense of peace and openness that other colors do not. Blue works well for people who want a relaxing color that is versatile enough to go with many colors of decor as well. It is very similar to neutral colors, but the color within it provides some extra life to the room if neutral colors might be too boring.

Greens and Browns

These colors have also gained in popularity over the last few years. It is important to remember not to go too deep or bold when choosing these colors. Choosing a faded brown or olive green can be a great option. These colors are soothing but add more color to the room than blues or neutrals while not being too overpowering. One popular trend when using these colors is mixing them. Painting one wall a shade of brown and the others with an earthy toned green is a great way to bring a sense of being outdoors right into your bedroom.

Warm Colors

Warm colors can give people who like a lot of color in their rooms all the color they want. Again, it is important to not get colors that are too overwhelming. These colors may also make small bedrooms look even smaller. However, they also make a room look brighter and more cozy. Pale yellows and coral or peach colors are the most popular warm colors in bedrooms. However, if you really want a darker red or orange, consider painting half the walls in the room white to minimize the impact.

The Easy Way to Install Wall Flats

Installing Wall Flats

Wall flats are designed to be installed over clean and dry surfaces. Before starting off the work, there are a few tools that are needed for a successful installation. These include:
• Cutting tools like utility knives or any other power cutting tool,
• Adhering material such as tile mastic, contact cement or double sided tape,
• Primers like professional level finish primer,
• Tools for finishing such as paintable caulk and paint.

Wall Preparation
If the surface where the wall flats are to be installed is glossy or has a coat of paint, the installer should first rough up the surface using sandpaper. The surface should then be wiped clean using damp rag.

Tile Mastic Adhering
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the set and dry time. A trowel should be used for adhesive application.
• A V-notched 3/16” trowel is ideal for smooth surfaces while a 5/16 V-notched is best for rough or uneven surfaces.
• The tiles may need to be shaped in order to fit into certain areas. The shaping can be done with a putty knife if the area to be covered is small. The knife can also be used to flatten tiles that have a slight bow so that they lie flat on the adhesive.
• One should ensure that the tiles are tightly butted against each other.
• To minimize seams, the tiles can be slightly offset and slid into place preventing excess mastic from getting into the spaces between the tiles.
• Excess adhesive can be removed using a dam rag. However, avoid excessive rubbing on tiles that have not been coated with primer.

Contact Cement Adhering
• Here, it is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use. The fumes from contact cement are flammable and therefore, safety is paramount.
• The tiles should be pre-cut before applying the adhesive.
• A brush or roller should be used to apply an even coat of contact cement to the wall and the back of the tiles.
• Let the adhesive dry for about fifteen minutes.
• Pay careful attention while joining because the bond will be permanent. Apply gentle contact on the tiles to ensure bonding.

• Apply paintable caulk on the tiles to minimize seams.
• Remove excess mastic by running a putty knife or tiny finger over the joints
• Finish off by applying a coat of primer to seal the tiles.

Graham & Brown Wallpaper

graham brown wallpaper

We’re all about wallpaper right now at Eco Friendly Home Furniture Design Ideas. They came back into vogue a couple of years ago now, but we’re still crazy about wallpaper. Designers are creating fashion-forward patterns, like this one by Linda Barker for Graham & Brown. This Graham & Brown Wallpaper is perfect for creating either a bold feature or a boudoir atmosphere. Her current wallpaper collection ‘Tempting’ features elegant trailing florals and feminine silhouette prints. Wallpaper has been modernized as well. It will paste to the wall for ease of application.

Marcel Wanders Wallpaper

marcel wanders wallpaper

This collection of wallpaper will bring a beautiful opulence to your rooms. This Marcel Wanders wallpaper pastes to the walls so it hangs in half the time of normal decorating. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the internationally renowned designer who has designed for such name-worthy houses like B & B Italia, Bisazza, Poliform, Boffi and Moooi, where he is art director and co-founder.

Family Tree Wallsmart Wallpaper

family tree wallsmart wallpaper

WallSmart wallpaper is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that has been designed for easier and more flexible hanging by applying the paste directly to the wall. This innovative wallpaper is washable and has very good light resistance. The Family Tree design of this Wallsmart Wallpaper is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Sweden.
We love this new modern wallpaper!