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Have you fallen in love with the incredible set design and aesthetic of the hit tv show, Mad Men? You’re not the only one. The show has won countless awards, many of them for set decorating. The show perfectly captures a specific time in design history – the indelible and fabulous 1960’s. Bright, vibrant colors, smooth sloping designs, and out of this world lighting and fixtures. In this post we’ll provide lots of design inspiration in pictures that capture the spirit of 60’s Manhattan, and the era of the Mad Men.

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Vintage Bathroom Design Tips

Vintage Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms offer the perfect opportunity to let your personality show. Smaller in size and scale than most other rooms in the house, the bathroom is where most people feel more comfortable experimenting with color, paint treatments, or even themes.

Find ways to incorporate things you love into this small space, remember this is a space you spend time in every day! A few vintage bathroom design tips to keep in mind: mix new and old for an eclectic feel, think meaningful and memorable, and don’t be afraid of color.

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